Making Trouble – The Book

Published by Lion Hudson in September 2013. Making Trouble – Fighting for Fair Trade Jewellery is an account of my journey as an ethical and fair trade jeweller. From the moment I established CRED Jewellery in 1996 and began calling for a fair trade solution in jewellery, through to the official launch of Fairtrade certified gold in 2011, I have tried to capture the key challenges I and others faced in creating the world’s first certified material used by jewellers.9780745956039

In this book I document the huge injustices that are systemic in the jewellery supply chain, expose some of the under hand dealings that regularly take place, confront the immoral marketing story that is ever-present in the jewellery trade and demonstrate that jewellery is a product we should be deeply proud of. Jewellery when created with a care for human rights and environmental justice is an art form we can all wear with huge pride and dignity.

To order a signed copy please visit Valerio Books

I hope you enjoy the read and trust you go on and make your own trouble in an industry that is desperately in need of reform.


4 thoughts on “Making Trouble – The Book

  1. I have just inhaled your book as it only arrived a couple of days ago. What a great read about a great fellow human person, and I can’t wait till you and Ruth come to Lee Abbey again and I can hear more about your experiences with global issues….All the very best and I am telling everyone about your book. Especially my friends who are jewelers…

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