In this short video blog I answer one of the quality questions from Jennifer Lynn Archuleta. Being an ethical fair trade jeweller is not easy, it is very difficult and the questions Jennifer asks go some way to demonstrating that challenge. I will answer more of Jennifer’s question in later postings.

Is the term ethical the new political status quo in jewellery? I think so.


#KnowYourSource – Gemstone Questions 1.

2 thoughts on “#KnowYourSource – Gemstone Questions 1.

  1. well said Greg. I was at the “Summit”. your description of the cul de sac we are stuck in is accurate, however; there is ally way opening up as one of the top agendas and topics was how to better inform the consumer of this whole discussion including connecting to the sources. The stories, the culture, the transparency. I see an opening to go forward from where we have been stuck for 10 years……….

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