Fairtrade Fairmined Gold in the News

Just a quick post to update you all that the launch of Fairtrade Fairmined Gold is hitting the press in the UK today big time. The Guardian, The Daily Mail and The Independent are just some of the papers covering the story.  I have posted the articles onto my Facebook page, so if you link up there you will be able to follow the story as it unfolds.

The Telegraph: “Gold: you can now buy Fairtrade bullion and jewellery”

Professional Jeweller: “Emotions run high as Fairtrade gold is launched”

The Guardian: “Fairtrade hallmark sets the gold standard”

The Independent: “Fairtrade Gold to Protect Miners”

Reuters: “Fairtrade gold brings ethical jewellery to Britain”

The Ecologist: “World’s first Fairtrade gold goes on sale in the UK”

Mirror: “Royal wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton could be one of first couples to have Fairtrade gold wedding ring”

Look for this label on your jewellery now, its the best in class.

Fairtrade Fairmined duel label

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