Choo Yilin: artisan jewellery with a social conscience

Sustainable fine jewellery designer Choo Yilin successfully demonstrates how jewellery design can be linked to a wider-social conscience.

The Singaporean jeweller collaborates with Thailand’s hill tribe artisans to create hand-forged jewellery that combine old-world luxury and modern design. Yilin uses reclaimed, eco-friendly sterling silver, organic gemstones and conflict free diamonds.

The label’s goal is to generate income and employment for a traditionally marginalised community, the Karen hill tribes artisans in northern Thailand. By working with them, the label brings awareness and support to a centuries old culture which might otherwise be in danger of dying out. The label also sheds light on the effects of modernity that traditional indigenous artisans face.

Choo Yilin launched the ‘coral series’ in April of this year at fairtrade Blueprint. The collection uses natural gemstones set in reclaimed 99.9% reclaimed silver to mimic coral – she hopes the collection will highlight the need to preserve coral reefs and the ecological damage that is caused by their destruction.

Choo Yilin is currently exploring launching her ready-to-wear collections on the international market.


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